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A path in the woods

Is this you?

If we take our spiritual walk seriously, with a diligent pursuit of the Creator, we will eventually find our religious box becoming restrictive and prohibitive to our growth.  This is natural.  If this did not happen there would be something wrong with us.

We start to reassess the value of religion negatively.  Religious practices become quite empty and unfulfilling.  It lacks the meaning and connection that it once had.  It lacks insight and tools that would propel our walk onwards.  Does this mean it is a bad thing?  Not at all.  It reveals that our spiritual walk has moved us to a deeper level.  Religion did its job!  Now move on.

We start to question who or what is God.  Our religious box gave a definition of God, which was fine for the beginning of our trip.  However, we now discover there is more to God than a simple canned definition.  God is a being now.  Avraham’s walk starts with such questions.

We start to not fit in with others.  Our desire is to continue our walk while many stop dead in their tracks.  Many will simply go as far as it is convenient because their religious box tells them to stop.  This separates the true followers from the fair weather friends of God.  Don’t feel bad.  Many are not ready to go any farther.  The walk is challenging and at times almost unbearable.  Avraham was called a “Hebrew”.  This means “from the other side.”  I personally believe that this may have been a derogatory term.  He was odd to his contemporaries.

We run into a spiritual wall.  We are at a standstill with no clear path to move on.  The preceding walk did not give us the proper tools to prepare our next step in the walk.  We are seriously inept for a true spiritual walk.  In many ways our religious walk depletes our spiritual nutrition.

How do we deal with this?  Actually without realizing it we have stumbled upon an ancient path - Avraham’s (Abraham) path.  We are not the first nor will we be the last to run into these difficulties.  The walk is consistent with those seeking the Creator.

The study of Avraham’s walk will help us find our way on the path we must take.


David Ben Shaul & Mikhael Ben Atir